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Origins of a DJ – Intro


So, I’ve been sitting here for the past few weeks, trying to figure out what to write about next.  The topic of music keeps coming up in my mind, but to me, that is a massively overwhelming subject.  See, music has been a major part of my life – or at least, I’d like to think it has.

What I started was a blog that was just going to talk about my love for music, and my transitions through just being a listener, to being a “DJ,” to being a DJ, and even being a radio personality.

As I began to write, I realized there was no way that this will work as just one blog.  So in order to keep your attention (hopefully), I have broken it down to more manageable posts. I’m really not sure how many there will be, but I hope that you take the time to read them all.  You may just enjoy them, or may  not…either way, I hope you are entertained, and maybe even learn a little more about little old me.