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Customer Service: Not Lost, Just Harder to Find

In an age of “I need it now,” customer service has taken a back seat to mediocrity.  People have learned to no longer expect “good” customer service, but to rather settle for customer service that is better than “bad.”  How many times to you choose a restaurant or business based on its great customer service? More than likely, it’s not very often.  But on the flipside, how many times to you choose where NOT to go based on how bad the service is? I’m not going to go into a huge lecture on how we’ve lost our sense of what great customer service really is, that is for Seth Godin to do – and he’s really good at it.  What I am going to do though, is fill you in on a place that knows what it means to stand out as a company with good, nay AMAZING customer service.

I understand that not many of you out there may be runners, but we all need shoes.  And more often than not, running shoes are what people end up getting because of their comfort.  Many of us, me included, are bargain shoppers and stray away from the stand-alone stores for fear they will have jacked up the prices.  There is a place that I’ve been shopping for the past couple years for things for my wife.  Luke’s Locker in Colleyville is where I do my shopping for Megan when she is in need of some new running gear.  As I said, I have been shopping here for the past couple years, and the salespeople are great and very knowledgeable about running and gear, for they all run, themselves.  Their prices are right in line with anyplace else you’d find similar gear, even the chain stores, so I was more than happy to shop here without worrying about paying too much.  Now, I didn’t have a bad perception of this store at all, but I never realized how GREAT this place really was until I shopped there for myself.

I found myself in need of a new pair of “tennis shoes.”  If any of you know me, and as I have already mentioned above, I am a very frugal shopper.  Hell, I seriously can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a pair of shoes, let alone any clothing.  But as many of you can attest to, the older we get, the more important a really good pair of shoes is, so I made my way to Luke’s Locker.  I knew that they would actually tell me what kind of shoe my feet really needed, and not just put me in the next best thing. I went into the store one day after work, and Ed was my salesman.  This man was so very helpful.  He knew exactly what to look for in what my feet needed.  He made me walk a line so he could actually see how my feet moved and reacted with each step.  He then came out with 3 different pairs of shoes for me to try.  The thing is, he knew which shoe I was going to leave with, but he wanted to give me options.  This man took the time to learn about me and what my intentions were with the product, so that he would be able to provide me with the best solution.  Seems so “Business 101,” but when was the last time someone gave you this kind of service when you shopped? I was truly happy with the service that I received from Ed and everyone else at Luke’s Locker.  I wouldn’t be taking the time to share this blog post if I wasn’t.

My point is that we shouldn’t get as excited as I was about a good experience.  We should expect it.  We have been so desensitized to mediocrity that we don’t care about what good service should be.  Yes, this was a great experience, and yes, they have earned my loyalty as a customer – but it’s a shame that other businesses can’t do the simple task of listening and truly observing their customers like the staff at Luke’s Locker.


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