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The “Big Game” in the Big “D” – Weather Permitting

Someone left their sprinkler on...oops! (and no, it wasn't me) - photo by Kara Jacob

As the entire universe knows, Dallas-Fort Worth (Arlington to be exact), is about to host “the Big Game” (a.k.a. Super Bowl, but we aren’t allowed to say that unless we pay millions of dollars).  And, as you all know, unless you’ve been living under a rock or frozen in ice – (haha get it?) that DFW has been hit by one of the worst winter storms in over 20 years.  This predicament has caused many to question the NFL’s decision to hold the Sup…I mean, Big Game, in DFW.  The fact is, “worst winter storm in over 20 years,” isn’t being truly considered here.  The normal temperature this time of year in DFW is  mid-50’s which isn’t nearly as bad as Indianapolis (2012 host) and New York (2013 host).

ESPN columnist, Gene Wojciechowsk went on a rant, much like many others, recently about how bad the SB doesn’t belong here. He goes on to talk about how warm it is in places like Miami, San Diego, Phoenix and New Orleans.  For the record, Phoenix is also seeing some of its coldest temperatures in years.  They have caused for numerous delays in the Phoenix Open this week due to frozen conditions.  Now, I know, cold temperatures are one thing, those don’t cause accidents the way a mammoth ice storm does, but my point is that you can’t predict the weather.  I mean, hell, it was 75 last Saturday.  Had they not added another week in between the playoffs and the “Game,” this whole issue never would have even come up.  In fact, they would be talking about the next time DFW would host, not if it will ever host again.

People have been going on about the lack of salt trucks in the DFW area.  DFW doesn’t have salt trucks the way other cities in the midwest do.  Would you, as a tax payer, want your city to put money into the equipment (trucks and salt- which is not cheap) for an ice storm that may or may not come once a year?  I would think not.

I moved here to the DFW area almost 4 years ago.  I have seen 2 of these ice storms since I’ve been here, and would definitely say this one was the worst.  I have never, even in all my time living in Michigan, seen a storm debilitate a city the way this one has, and with the temperatures as low as they were, I’m really not sure salt trucks would have helped much.  One thing I learned in Michigan is that the salt only works above a certain temperature.

I guess the point of my rant is in rebuttal of all those that are saying Dallas isn’t worthy of a Super Bowl – I mean “Big Game.”  I could care less about Jerry Jones and the millions of dollars he will make off this event, but I do care about the money it will bring to our communities.  If one day the NFL decides to put the game on a rotating schedule with “warmer” cities, then so be it, and honestly, I wouldn’t blame them.  They need to get owners off this kick though of trying to use drawing the game to their city by means of building a new stadium.  How the hell else do you think Detroit got one and that the next two are in Indy and then New York?

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  1. Had fun reading your thoughts on The Big Game being in the Big D. While I understand that this weather is not normal, one still has to wonder about the wisdom of having the SB in ANY “cold” weather city. Anyone that thinks DFW isn’t a cold weather city hasn’t been there when baseball sized hail falls from the sky.

    The real reason the Super Bow is being played in Dallas this year ISN”T because it is a great Super Bow city (this week’s events have proven this point), it’s because Jerry needed his payday for building his monument to himself…Cowboy Stadium. Same reason 2013 is in New York. Why Indy has a game, I have no idea. Somebody must have dirty pictures of someone….or maybe the owners already know there isn’t going to be a Super Bowl in 2012 because the 2011 season is going to be locked out?

    It’s time to have a rotation of cities for the Super Bowl just like the BCS has for it’s national championship game. San Diego, Phoenix, New Orleans, Miami and L.A. and call it good.

    February 6, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    • Thanks bro! Dallas definitely has winter, just a strange version of it, with plenty of days within that are 55+.

      I agree, right now, the only reason cities are being granted a SB is because of new stadiums: Detroit, Dallas, Indianapolis, NY and even Phoenix. It has now become the standard in negotiating for a new stadium with cities to negotiate with the NFL that they will be hosting a SB to help pay for it, and bring money back to the community.

      I too think that it isn’t such a bad idea to rotate the game unto a few “warm” cities. It should be a reward for those teams that make it to the big game, not a punishment where they have to go on vacation to a snow covered destination.

      February 6, 2011 at 4:00 pm

  2. Dinah

    GREAT discussion of the weather issues and the “Big Game.” Very glad to see no one will sue for copyright infringment.

    Stay warm! At least we’re finally supposed to be back at 70 tomorrow —

    February 5, 2011 at 4:46 pm

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