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the “Real” Me

First off, I didn’t make the website “therealbrianbrooks.com” to be cocky.  The “real” wasn’t a declaration that I am the one and only Brian Brooks out there.  It is simply just letting you into my life, letting you know that this is the “real” me.  I’m a an average guy.  A normal, dorky, “want to be funny,” 80-90’s sit-com TV product…the epitome of a Cheesy Dad.

As for my everyday life, I live in the ‘burbs with my wife, my son and we even have the proverbial dog, a toy poodle named Pepe…more on him later.  I LOVE music.  It has always played a major role in my life.  I also enjoy sports, movies, nature, and photography.  I attempt to keep in shape by playing soccer (inspired by my 10 year old son).  I have a pretty fun job, I am the Marketing and Development Director for a private Montessori school in the DFW area.   I’m your typical product of the 80’s broken home, raised on too much TV and way too many video games, of which I can surely be told I still do too much of each.

I guess there are a few things about my life that aren’t exactly average.  I have moved around a lot throughout my life.  I was born in Wyoming, moved to Arizona (Parents divorced), moved to Michigan (graduated high school), moved back to Arizona for college, moved back to Michigan, moved to Indiana, and now I’m in the “Great” state of Texas.  There were many residential changes of address within each of those moves, but the list covers the major parts.  I’ve had some pretty interesting paths that I’ve come across, and even taken the occasional jaunt along.  I’ve worked for the Boy Scouts; yes, you can get paid to do that; I’ve been a PA announcer for a semi-pro basketball team; I’ve been a radio personality, and even a club DJ (hence the “DJ” moniker – the “cheesy dad” portion was inherited).  Throughout all the moves and changes in my life, there are of course the occasional wishes for a do-over, but I would say that I’m quite happy with where I am in my life now.  I’m a believer in things happening for a reason, and that we are all on a path that will eventually lead us to where we are supposed to be…if that makes sense (in my mind it does).

Through starting this blog, I intend to just let things out as they come up.  Some of the topics will be current; some will be topics that have taken years to understand or build up enough to trigger a response from my inner self.  The older I get, the more I begin to understand why old people are so grouchy.  It’s not that they are grouchy, it is just that they are sick of putting up with all the crap in this world, and just snap to get their point across or just get what they want (that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it)…not that I’m old, but well, yeah.  I will warn you now, my mind will wander or is it wonder…technically it is both.  I’m a person that will question everything, sometimes to gain knowledge, other times to get my point across (just ask  my wife…love you baby).  My rants will not always be processed fully before I write, but that is also why I wanted to start blogging.  To me, it is a place to release and just say what’s on your mind.  If I need to recant, I can do so in the next blog and so on.

So, this is just a brief intro to me, and my reason for being here (well on a blogging site, not in this world – that is yet to be determined).  Hopefully you will join me in my journey through this experiment of expression.  Some of you may like it, some may not, but, again, that’s what this is all about.

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